第一节 完形填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,共15分)


When I look back at the first half of the year. I am amazed by how many challenges I have been through. The biggest one was definitely my high school graduation 1 .

When I first arrived in this Czech Republic four years ago,I was just a normal exchange 2 who spoke only English,then at the end of the year-Long exchange program,I came up with the idea of 3 my high school studies there。

At that time, I was only sixteen and delighted by my new future. What I underestimated the 4 of completing school in the Czech language. Which is considered to be one of the most 5 languages in the world. As I 6 knowledge of certain subjects I receive the worst marks and people around the doubted whether I could graduate. however, I practiced all the time .Gradually, I could communicate with others fluently and my 7 grew.

The final exam day came. Thinking about everyone who had helped and supported me along my journey, I felt 8 and confident.

In May,I received notice that I had 9 the exam. At my graduation ceremony, my Czech teacher said very proudly in front of everyone. “One student, she is from China with merely three years of learning Czech, she 10 . She deserves a golden folder for the certification. ”

My journey through high school was finally finished,though the journey of University is just about to begin,I think I am ready。

1.A.Speech. B.Exam. C.Cheap. D.Ceremony.

2.A.Teacher B.Expert C.engineer D.Student.

3.A.Finishing B.quitting C.Investigating D.Assessing.

4.A.Value B.Ability C.Challenge D.Benefit

5.A.Beautiful B.Difficult C.Common D.Popular

6.A.lacked B.Gained C.Increased D.Pursued.

7.A.Desire B.Fear C.Confidence D.burden.

8.A.Bothered B.Puzzled C.embraced D.Encouraged

9.A.Past B.Ignored C.Avoided D.missed

10.A.Got away B.Broke down C.Made it D.Countdown.

第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,共15分)



Pandas have become one of the symbols of China. they live only on a few high and damp mountains in Southwest China. 11 They feed mainly on bamboo leaves and shoots. Everyone in the world 12 (agree) that they are adorably cute. Their black and white colour 13 (see) as the physical representation of Yin and Yang and how the balance between the two bring harmony and peace.


Cai Zhengjun Lost his hearing when he was just in eighteen months old, as a result of a high fever. 14 (fortunate), His parents loved him and supported him as much as possible. They were determined to see their son equipped with the necessary life 15 (skill) needed to lead a normal life.Cai,however, didn’t understand the support they provided. it was after many years that he realized what they were trying to do. Today. Cai’s role has changed from a silent observer in life ___16____a source of empowerment for his fellow hearing impaired peers.


Thangka is a scroll painting with images.It’s made of cloth or paper and can be rolled into a bundle on a scroll. 17 (make) it easy to transport. Thangka ____18____(know)as the “Encyclopedia of Tibetan culture”,covers a wide range of topics. 19 The content and themes of Thangka are rich and varied,the main content is the image of Tibetan folk culture and opt day. Undoubtedly thangka is the____20____ (good) one of means of ensuring civilian education for nomadic people。





Explore nice in France – how car travel makes for a memorable holiday.

A classic option to explore the celebrated city of France, such as Nice is through hard travel. Cruising through the South of France, they are museums and restaurants to experience. Visiting these attractions is most convenient with a car. As hiring a car in Nice from the airport is simple. One can sit back and drive through the wonderful country lands without a care in the world. The west side has small hills while the east extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Peaceful vineyards, quiet villages at a rich life awaits you if you drive through the countryside.


The kitchen delights that Nice offers are the cities chief attraction. The Cours Saleya market, offers fine delicacies while sipping the Provencal wine is another soothing experience .Overall, Coted’Azur can be put. as the gastronomic capital of France.


Being along the coastline,Nice offers some really warm and relaxing beaches to its tourists lined with cosyseaside apartments and hotels.

Tips for Hiring a Car

Choose a car which can easily accommodate you and your family without being to big– Traffic can be a major issue in some cities.

A GPS navigation system aids in traveling without getting lost and also helps in saving time.

Check with various number of car hire companies for the different prices so that you do not end up with an expensive package. Traveling to France has perhaps been on the wish lists of every travel-hungry person. And you can make your trip even more memorable by traveling through the country in the car.

21.What can be learned about Nice from the passage?

A.It is located far from the sea。

B. It has quiet villages and vineyards

C. It is no easy way to hire a car in Nice.

D. It offers the warmest beach to tourists.

22.When hiring a car in France, you are advised to __________

A. Choose one as big as possible.

B.Ignore the GPS navigation system.

C. Pay for your accommodation in advance.

D. Check with companies for reasonable prices.

23. This passage is intended for_________

A. drivers B. travelers

C. passengers D. tour guides


The teenage Snowboarder.

I was born in Denver, USA. and started snowboarding aged eight when my dad took me to a resort in the mountains.About two hours from Denver.The hill looked unbelievably steep and scary. So My dad had to do a lot of persuading to get me on a board. Because I was so young. I hadn’t even thought of asking him if I could start snowboarding? But he was already into it and wanted me to love it, too—-He made it look so simple, and in the end I managed just fine.

After this experience, it wasn’t long before I’d developed a love of sport and had improved my ability too. I started competing aged ten. Some people entered loads of competitions and ended up getting bored of snowboarding. But my love of taking part and winning got stronger as I got older, which always help me to push myself harder. I enjoyed not having a fixed plan and sometimes this went well ,like when I became the first female ever to get a perfect 100 at a local competition. I wasn’t sure I’d even attempted the jumps that got me the score until I actually set off. That achievement increased my trust in my own abilities.

During the summer I focused on training and my studies while there’s no snow. Although I trained daily, it’s nice not having to stick to quite a strict diet like I did in the winter. I also got to spend lots of time with my friends then. It’s the best way of dealing with not being able to do what I loved so much and what I was really good at.

Now. I have to think carefully about my future. Snowboarding is such a huge part of my life now. But I also feel it’s important to have something else I can do. just in case I don’t succeed as a professional snowboarder or I get injured. I’m wondering whether becoming a doctor is a possibility. if my active life allows time for doing a college degree, it’s impossible to imagine myself growing tired of the sport. But I can’t go on snowboarding my whole life.

24. How did the author feel before her first snowboarding down a hill?

A. pleased B. inspired.

C. annoyed D. frightened

25.What happened to the author after taking part in competitions?

A. She lost confidence in her own abilities.

B. She developed an interest in snowboarding.

C. She planned for every competition carefully. .

D. She ended up getting bored of snowboarding.

26. What can be inferred about the author from the passage?

A. She got injured in the last competition..

B. She had to be on a strict diet in summer.

C. she might work as a doctor in the future.

D. she will be a life-long professional Snowboarder.


Video calls are a common occurrence, but have you imagined being able to touch the person on the other end of the line? scientists are making this a reality.

Researchers at the University of new South Wales, Australia have invented a soft skin stretch device(SSD). A haptic device that can recreate the sense of touch.Haptic technology mimics the experience of touch by stimulating localized areas of the skin in ways that are similar to what is felt in the real world ,through force ,vibration or motion.

Vibration is the most common haptic technology today and has been built into many electronic devices such as one attached to the back of the trackpad(触摸板) in laptops ,which simulates a button clicking. However, haptic feedback with vibration becomes less sensitive when used continuously. The existing technology also has great difficulty recreating the sense of touch with objects in virtual environments or located remotely. According to Mai Thanh Thai,lead author of the study.

The new technology overcomes issues with existing haptic devices. The research team introduced a novel method to recreate the sense of touch through a soft artificial “muscles”.

“Our three-way directional skin stretch device ,built into the fingertips of the wearable glove we also created. is like wearing a second skin– its soft stretchable. and mimics the sense of touch– and will enable new forms of haptic communication to enhance everyday activities”said Thanh Nho Do,senior author of the study.

Imagine you are at home and you call your friend who is in Australia. you wear a haptic glove with the SSDs. and your friends also wears a glove with integrated 3D force sensors. If your friend picks up an object, it will physically press against your friend’s fingers. And their glove with 3D force sensors will measure with interactions. The force signals can be sent to your glove so your device will generate the same 3D forces. Making you experience the same sense of touch as your friend.

The haptic devices could be applied in various situations. allowing users to feel objects inside a virtual world or at a distance. It could also be used in medical practices. Doctors can feel a patient’s organ tissues. With surgical tools without touching them.

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